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The mission of the University Park Community Council is “the promotion of social welfare, common good and general welfare of the University Park Community.”

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Learn about our neighborhood: history, current events, current efforts, and join us!

There are many ways to become informed and involved.

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Your donation helps us work to make the neighborhood a better place for now and for the future.

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We organize neighborhood events and share information.

There are a variety of ways you can support the UPCC:

Donations help us continue our neighborhood events like the Annual 4th of July Parade in summer, the Annual Sing & Sleigh Bells in winter and bands and other neighborhood events in the park.

Donations also help cover the cost of printing and distributing the community UPWords which is delivered to every University Park household four times a year.

Consider donating to the University Park Community Council to help sustain all these events and programs.


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    The UPCC mailing address is P.O. Box 102407, Denver, CO 80250.


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