UPWords Newsletter

You’ve probably noticed that UPWords now arrives via USPS directly to your mail box, as will future issues! 

The UPCC is proud to continue the tradition of writing, publishing and distributing this neighborhood newsletter to your doorstep. At this time you can expect four issues of UPWords to be mailed to your residence annually. We are focused on ensuring the website is up to date with all events and information, so please be sure to regularly check upcoming event pages in case of changes! Our typical schedule is as follows:

Issue 1: January – March

Issue 2: April – June

Issue 3: July – September

Issue 4: October – December

We would also like to extend a thank you to the time, energy and dedication of many loyal volunteers, who regularly hand-delivered our newsletter in the past. 

UPWords Archive

UpWords September – December 2023

UpWords June-August 2023

UpWords April-May 2023

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